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EU Governments can learn a lot from PIDA over the last 25 years

Today – 17 December 2021- is the official deadline for the EU Whistleblowing Directive to be transposed by Member States. And, as the EU Whistleblowing Monitor demonstrates, it’s been a slow start with only a handful of the 27 EU countries meeting today’s deadline to implement the new requirements.

Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) and Transparency International (TI) have been analysing the progress of European governments over the two year transposition period which has varied in quality as well as speed.

Only a small number of countries (currently five – Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Malta and Lithuania) have adopted new legislation, 13 have draft proposals issued but of these, only 3 are being discussed in Parliament – France, the Netherlands and now Estonia.  The remaining 9 have still not shared draft laws publicly

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