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2003 GCHQ whistleblower leaks email to press to blackmail UN on Iraq war

GCHQ translator Katharine Gun’s leaks an email to the Observer from the US government requesting help to spy on UN members in an effort to push for Iraq invasion. Arrested and charged eight months under the Official Secrets Act, her story, The Spy who Tried to Stop a War, is being made into a 2019 film, Official Secrets.

2003 WMD whistleblower unveiled

The Hutton Inquiry hears that MoD expert Brian Jones had exceptionally written to intelligence chiefs warning that the 45 minute WMD claim should not be relied on.

2001 Whistleblower thanked

The Health Secretary tells MPs anaesthetist Stephen Bolsin is owed a debt of gratitude having been left no option but to go to the media about the death of 29 babies at a UK hospital.