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Helping organisations get it right matters. Just as staff can often be the first to know that something is going wrong in an organisation, it is the organisation that is best placed to offer staff a real alternative to silence. This is why we have worked with hundreds of organisations across the UK since our launch in 1993.

You hold the keys. By making sure your staff have safe and easy access to those with the authority to address a problem, inside and outside the organisation, you are more able to address the issue before damage is done.


In addition to our business support, we offer consultancy services from single small pieces of work to substantial projects. Examples of our consultancy work are below:


An in-depth review which looks at all current policies and procedures in relation to whistleblowing and compares them against best practice to provide clear indicators of how your systems are working internally. A full RAG report reveals how your arrangements fare in a number of key areas and can serve as a valuable report to your Board/Audit Committee.


A 20-point survey, designed in consultation with you, which includes promotion, hosting, analysis, review and reporting. This can give you valuable information on risk management and the culture/comfort for speaking up and may help identify problem areas of which you are not yet aware. Importantly it informs staff, and can be used as a benchmark against which to measure progress.


A telephone survey of managers designated under the whistleblowing policy, or who are senior managers in key functions to determine a) whether any staff have contacted them with a whistleblowing concern b) whether there are any issues that they think staff should have raised with them c) how well they think staff and managers understand or are aware of the arrangements. The results will be provided in a short report.


A key stakeholder review, spending a day meeting people individually or in small groups. This will be aimed at discussing the value of whistleblowing and allowing participants an opportunity to identify any risks or opportunities they see in implementing effective whistleblowing arrangements in your organisation. Key stakeholders should include those holding key management functions, union representatives and staff groups. We will work with you to identify the right people.


A review of your current policy against best practice in the UK, in light of PCaW experience. The review will be accompanied by a short summary explaining the reasons for any amendments and can be used as the basis for a report to your Board.


A briefing to your Board to run through the review, the background of whistleblowing, law and best practice. This will help ensure that any remaining queries can be answered and the Board is happy and comfortable with the arrangements prior to roll-out.


We will meet with your communications and training teams to identify creative and effective ways to communicate your Policy and keep the arrangements fresh over time. Again, we bring our expertise working across all sectors as well as knowledge from our advice line.


We will draft guidance including Q&A for managers and staff (separately) which can be sent out as a brochure or made accessible on your intranet.


We will train up to 12 managers designated under your whistleblowing policy and those who have the authority or expertise to investigate concerns. This training will cover the background, law, culture and practice of whistleblowing, and through case studies and interactive work explore some of the difficult issues that can arise when handling whistleblowers.


The cost for consultancy is usually on an hourly or daily rate but a fixed cost for a defined piece of work is negotiable. Please call us on 020 3117 2520 or send an email to


If you would like a member of our Business Support team to contact you to discuss this further, or to arrange a meeting, please click here.