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‘Tackling Corruption – Is Whistleblowing the first line of defence?

At Protect event, 'Tackling Corruption - Is Whistleblowing the first line of defence? held in partnership with law firm Leigh Day (February 24), delegates heard the vital role whistleblowing plays in business. Protect Chief Executive, Liz Gardiner, chairing the event, said, "Given the vital service whistleblowers provide in holding organisations and governments to account the ... Read more

Protect Impact Report shows jump in harassment cases

Our 2021 Impact Report shows a rise in harassment  - bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination - has jumped from 8% of our total Advice Line cases in 2020 to 14% in 2021. Head of Advocacy and Advice, Bob Matheson said, “Year on year we are seeing a rise in harassment cases and since 2017 there ... Read more

Backbench debate on the rise of ‘SLAPP lawsuits’ – a threat to freedom of expression 

A backbench debate heard that SLAPP lawsuits -  Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation – are having a chilling effect on freedom of expression.   Defamation claims are most identified as SLAPPS and used to silence a critic, such as a journalist, by engaging them in costly litigation, rather than because of any legal merit. Other legal ... Read more

Protect and Leigh Day to host anti-corruption panel debate

Anti-Corruption Government Tsar, John Penrose MP will join Protect and Leigh Day in panel debate 'Tackling Corruption - Is whistleblowing the first line of defence?' on Thursday 24 February. International corruption and whistleblowing lawyer, Paul Dowling, a partner at Leigh Day will join the debate to discuss legal claims used to hold organisations to account. ... Read more

Poor practice at the practice? 

Michael worked at a dental practice and called us because he had some concerns about the practice. He was worried about the safety of the building and that staff were not ensuring instruments were suitably clean and sterile before use with patients.   Managers had failed to take these concerns seriously when Michael spoke to ... Read more

Former Protect CE’s launch specialised whistleblowing law firm 

Protect has welcomed a new specialist law firm  James & West Law – The Whistleblowing Experts, established by two former Protect Chief Executives Cathy James and Francesca West.  Francesca and Cathy have been working with whistleblowers and specialising in whistleblowing law since 2005. Both worked at Protect, for 14 years each, both having a tenure ... Read more

Protect statement on Guardian story ‘Staff blow whistle on Environment Agency that ‘no longer deters polluters’

Head of Policy at Protect, Andrew Pepper-Parsons said:  “The report in today’s Guardian, 'Staff blow whistle on Environment Agency that 'no longer deters polluters' that Environment Agency cuts have left staff unable to do their jobs, and warned against speaking to the media by Environment Agency Chief Executive James Bevan, if accurate, is extremely concerning ... Read more

Protect welcomes moral pledge by Higher Education Minister to end NDAs in universities

Victims of sexual harassment in universities should no longer be silenced by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), under a new pledge backed by the government, universities and campaigners. Six university vice-chancellors invited to attend the launch have signed up to a pledge promising not to use NDAs in dealing with complaints of sexual misconduct, bullying, and other … Read more