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Advice Line

Our Advice Line: Free and confidential

Speaking up is not an easy thing to do. We know that.

Contact with a Protect Advisor is a two-way exchange – we can offer you expert, practical advice which we hope will really help. Be it a telephone call/email/letter/live chat the information you share with us is free, confidential and protected by legal privilege.

Protect Advisors are whistleblowing experts, handling around 2,500 cases each year from the health, finance, retail, charity, education and retail sector amongst others which - if not acted on - could harm or affect other people.

As well as being whistleblowing specialists, our Protect Advisors are compassionate; and care about the people they advise, as well as the concerns being raised.

What we can do:

  • As a legal advice service we offer free expert advice around whistleblowing protection
  • We listen and ask the right questions to get a clear picture on complex cases
  • Offer support and in some cases, referrals to pro bono lawyers in exceptional cases
  • Act as a respected and trusted legal ‘third party’ e.g. writing to a regulator or Government
  • Help highlight your whistleblowing concern in the media, if suitable

What we can’t do:

  • We are not general employment lawyers so cannot provide general employment law advice
  • We do not advocate at employment tribunal, so we cannot represent you.
  • We are not a regulatory body, so cannot investigate your whistleblowing concerns.

Legal Message

Information communicated to us has lawyer-client privilege – this means all communications between us and people who contact us for advice and support is protected and cannot be disclosed without the permission of the individual who contacted us. Protect operates as a legal advice centre under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the regulatory body for solicitors in England and Wales.

If you need advice or support please call: 020 3117 2520 or use our contact form.