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Get Your Free Whistleblower Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment is designed to help your organisation identify and mitigate potential areas of vulnerability regarding whistleblower disclosures.

"Certainly, reflecting on my own personal experience having been someone who spoke up and raised concerns at Mid Staffs brings home how important this guide is. Had a guide like this existed at Mid Staffs lives could have been saved."

Helene Donnelly OBE, NHS Whistleblower

Part of a Comprehensive Guide

This risk assessment is a valuable excerpt from our comprehensive guide, Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation, available for purchase now.

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Build a Culture of Speak Up

Our in-depth guide offers a wealth of information on establishing robust whistleblowing procedures, preventing retaliation, and fostering a culture that encourages employees to speak up about wrongdoing.

Identify and Address Risk

Identify and mitigate potential areas of vulnerability regarding whistleblower disclosures and your whistleblowing processes with the included risk assessment.

Empowering Transparency

Protect is a leading expert in fostering ethical workplaces and protecting whistleblowers. We provide organisations with the tools and resources they need to cultivate a culture of transparency and accountability.

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