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The UK lags behind on Whistleblowing law: the case of Dr Chris Day

Protect Head of Advice & Advocacy, Bob Matheson, explains the case of Dr Chris Day and how it highlights the vital importance of reforms to UK whistleblowing law.   In 2018, Dr Chris Day contributed a blog for our website in which he described his whistleblowing story. It began: “One night in January 2014 I ... Read more

‘A great opportunity to share notes with some of the world’s foremost practitioners’

Protect's Head of Advice & Advocacy, Bob Matheson, reflects on Cork University Business School event on Whistleblowing and Advocacy Groups   On the 2nd March 2022, Protect’s Head of Advice & Advocacy spoke on a panel at Cork University Business School. The event – entitled Whistleblowing and Advocacy Groups – was one of a series ... Read more

Protect’s Head of Advice & Advocacy blogs on Lewis Silkin secondment 

Whilst Protect does a lot of work with businesses on helping them improve their whistleblowing arrangements, in my role as the Head of Advice, most of my typical day at Protect was previously spent supporting individuals. During my six-month secondment at law firm Lewis Silkin, which began in March, I worked across the Employment and Commercial Dispute Resolution ... Read more

A year like no other for Protect’s Advice Line

The 16 March 2020 will be remembered as a key moment in how Covid-19 affected the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that evening that all of the UK, if possible, should work from home. Effective immediately. For over a quarter of a century, Protect has been providing free legal advice to whistleblowers through … Read more